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Simple Joys

As the years go by in my life, I’m realizing that there will be trials. On this earth, there’s no such thing as bad days behind us. With that being said, I’ve started to understand that because of the good days that we have, we need to cherish them more. Tribulations are definitely valleys next to the mountain of hope that’s before us. You can’t have a mountain without a valley. What I’m trying to say is that when you have moments of sorrow, that makes the triumphs even more special. Understanding that when we have these trying situations and we are in the midst of them, looking forward to joyous times is a solution that I have found helps me through the worst of circumstances. Instead of wallowing in these situations and being upset that you are in this time of sadness, focus on that mountain of hope that is before you. In the midst of despair, always know that you can’t truly savor your successes without tasting failures first. There’s a source of joy though that we must understand is the only way we can truly find hope and happiness in this life. Make sure you know where the source of all joy comes from. Psalm 87:7 Singers and pipers will say: “All my springs of joy are in You.”

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