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Solo Show: Features one musician, synth, and a vocalist.
(Perfect for dinner events or intimate settings) $300

Duo Show: Features two musicians, synth, and (a) vocalist(s).
(Perfect for in/outdoor events or moderate sized gatherings) $400

Full Band: Features 3+ musicians and winds

(based upon availability), and several instruments with a big sound. 
For large venues and/or outdoor shows. $1000

(Not ideal for intimate settings.)

Weddings: Full Band with lights, sound, intros, and hosting. $2000

*4-Hour Shows require an additional $150 fee for solo and duo,
and $300 fee for full band. Weddings are an additional $400 for each new hour.  
  • If you need to cancel a scheduled event within one (1) month of the event, we will not be able to get another show in that amount of time. You will be required to pay half of the agreed upon price. 
  • If there is no rain out plan for an outdoor event, and you have to cancel the event because of rain, you are required to compensate us for half of the agreed upon price. We also require you to reschedule the date with us. 
  • If we come to an event, and we start unloading equipment and you have to cancel for any reason, you are required to pay us at least half of the agreed upon price.
  • If any of our equipment is damaged by the venue itself or by a patron in your venue, the venue's insurance or the venue itself is required to pay the cost to repair or replace it.
  • Rates are for three-hour shows only. *See above fees for 4-hour shows. 
  • We believe it is up to the band as well as the venue to get the word out about our event. The venue should be proactive and responsible about publicizing our event. Letting your regulars know about a live band playing on Friday a few hours before the show is not best practice. 
  • In the event of a low turnout, we intend to play our full three hour set and still get paid our full amount. If you would like for us to stop early, and still will pay us the full amount so you can close early, that is also acceptable. We won't haggle during set breaks, end early, or take less money as a result of a circumstantial low turnout. That is a liability we have to risk, but in our experience, it is not a regular occurrence. 

In the event that you have interest in booking our solo, duo, or full band for an event, that's great! Please consider these questions in regard to your space, audience, and ambience before our initial consultation.


Who does your venue usually host in regard to group size, sound level, and listening preference? For example:


Are you looking for a full band, ensemble, or a solo act?


Are you looking for a big, full sound, a moderately full sound, or something more acoustic and subtle?

What is the norm in regard to your regular music clientele? Would our genre be a good addition to your regular musical acts who perform, or will we be a departure from your other musicians' repertoire?


Lastly, does your venue actively listen to the music and participate via dancing, applause, and other interactions, or will the ensemble simply be background music?


There are no right or wrong answers. We just want to make sure what we offer you for pricing, environment, and venue size makes for for a successful show. Thanks!

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