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Jermaine Bollinger grew up in an era where some of the greatest music ever was written. Listening to the radio as a young boy, Jermaine gravitated toward the Top 40 music we all know and love. Paired with different genres and styles, a guitar, and a smooth and powerful voice, this diverse era and set of music that is pleasing to the ear and enjoyable to the heart had Jermaine at a place where he could begin performing at acoustic shows which later grew into a full band. This is how it all began. 

Jermaine always shied away from karaoke for the obvious reasons, but on a trip to Niagara Falls in in the summer of 2016, he decided to sing one of his favorites songs by Journey. This sparked the idea of a Top 40 band with everyone's guilty pleasure songs. 

In 2017, Jermaine wanted to start a Top 40 group, compiling songs to create a set list of music that everyone enjoys. With covers of hit singles and fan favorite songs covering artists including JOURNEY, MICHAEL JACKSON, PRINCE, JACKSON BROWNE, THE BEATLES, GAVIN DeGRAW, PRINCE, BILL WITHERS, STEVIE WONDER, JOHN MAYER, RICK SPRINGFIELD, and more, Jermaine began the search to find some of the best musicians in the area and got to work rehearsing together.

After several auditions and iterations of the band including a stint with Los Angeles-based drummer and sponsored percussionist, Isaac Fletcher and Nashville-based studio guitarist, Josh Morrison, keys player and vocalist Mallory Bollinger, southern Illinois legends Bob Marlow and Josh Chapman, Second-Hand CarTunes is a collaboration of Southern Illinois talent, SIU students, alums, and some of the most passionate and hard-working musicians the regional Midwest has to offer. 

Full Band:

Jermaine Bollinger | Vocals /// Guitar
Shadi Frick | Bass Guitar

Grant Hertzing | Drums


Erin Oakes

On SoundCloud:
On YouTube:

Fan Testimonials

Facebook Reviews

They play some old rock favorites, and some new ones. Most likely everyone will hear something they feel cozy with, and they are great quality musicians, with great vocals!

- Jenny P.

We went to Route 51 last weekend just to check this group out and we were very pleased. If you really enjoy listening to music then you can’t help but enjoy this band. We were there eating dinner with our 10 [year] old grandson and he was even really into them. We had to leave before their last set because it was getting late so we are looking forward to seeing them again.

- Pattie M.

They are wonderful!! I have heard them a couple of times and would recommend them to anyone!! They aren't your typical cover band, they take songs and make them their own very refreshing to hear new talent not trying to sound like everyone else!! I hope they go very far!!!

- Patsy H.

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