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Today’s Christian Music... meh

This is something that's hard to talk about, so please give me some latitude here. Right now, I am working through an issue that I have regarding the current state of Christian music.

In the beginnings of Christian Music in its various stages of growth, it was a diverse group of different musicians with different sounds that slowly ended up becoming relatively all the same genre, the same music, and the same song. This is my issue that I'm currently trying to work trough, so please bear with me.

A couple of months ago, I realized something that everyone around me pretty much knew about me, but I didn’t know. Christian music is slowly morphing into one genre that I do not like.

Don’t get me wrong... there are songs out there that I enjoy, but are unfortunately getting harder and harder to find. The instrumentation is bland, the theology in some cases is more ambiguous, and the worship music culture is at the forefront of this epidemic.

Songs that aren’t worship songs are becoming less popular. We are in an age where worship services go on tour, and people pay hundreds of dollars to experience God, i.e. Passion, Hillsong, Bethel, and more.

Okay, so I experienced one of my first GOD moments at a Passion conference back in 2011, so I think these conferences are very important, but on the other hand, selling worship services seems a little odd.

The heart of this issue is mine, so I have to check myself. Imagine though if you couldn't stand country music, but every Christian artist decided to do a country album in 2019. Just put your least favorite genre in this scenario and equate. This is currently what I'm experiencing. Furthermore, the content of this music is night and day compared to what I deal with in daily life. This is why as a songwriter, I write what I experience in hopes that someone out there is going through life the same way I am, and can relate to the songs I sing.

Still, I need to put my analytics aside, and try to worship regardless. That is my solution to this problem. If hearts are genuine and the songs come from a place of passion, authenticity, and vulnerability, I can try to relate to these styles of worship through song. It will be tough, but the least I can do is try!

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