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Never Stop Trying!

When Slater was born, we were at the hospital when Mallory began breastfeeding for the first time. I was amazed by how quickly he learned how to get his food. You hear the occasional horror stories, but not the case for this little guy. His instincts kicked in, and he immediately began feeding. The problem came when change arose.

We are currently working on switching Slater over to the bottle, so he can feed both ways. Mallory purchased a breast pump and she began storing milk for baby Slater. The problem with this concept (just like all of us) was he didn’t want to change. He doesn’t believe that we are giving him the same breast milk and he throws a fit every time we try and use the bottle. He’ll scream and cry as if we are giving him something else, and all he needs to do is suck to realize it’s the same milk mom has too!

We’ve had some victories with baby Slater, but just like a lot of us, he is reluctant to change.

This reminds me of the picture where a man is digging a tunnel, and he is inches away from hitting pay dirt. Instead of continuing his journey, he gives up. He was so close to the goal that he had worked so hard for, then doubt and discouragement broke his spirit, and he decided to give up altogether.

This is a tough illustration for me, because I’m currently dealing with the same situation. I know I cannot give up. All I can see is dirt in front of me, but I know God has a plan and a goal for me as well. We all know that hindsight is 20/20, but even an outside perspective can help. In the picture, we were able to see the diamond inches away from the man, because we were looking in from the outside. Don’t be afraid to talk with someone and pray with them about things you feel discouraged by.

Life happens to all of us, change is no fun, but it grows you more than anything else. Live life ready for change, sharing your concerns with other people, and seeking God’s will even if all you can see is dirt! He has a plan and it’s worth it to follow him!

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