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Did That Really Happen?

Hello Everyone! **NEW MUSIC VIDEO** Below!

Jermaine Bollinger here! This month has been full of firsts! So many new things have taken place, and we are seeing first hand the things God is doing.

Some memorable gigs include being on WDQN - The Forum in their brand new radio station, starting our tenure at First Church of God in Springfield, IL, and getting to be a guest speaker at Syracuse University's School of Music in their Media and Marketing class. All of those things are exciting, but it doesn't hold a candle to my love... my passion... CHEESE!

I'm totally joking! Cheese is one of my favorite foods, but I wanted to briefly mention that this eyesore of a music video has found its way back on YouTube, and people are falling in love with it just like before. To be completely honest, I kind of loathe the popularity this song about my obsession with cheese has had.

Shameful Plug:

I was actually going to mention my new album, Nomad. We started production on it and Josh, Shadi, and Mallory have been knocking it out of the park with their additions to each track. It's always a joy to work with these great musicians, and I couldn't be happier with the first four tracks of the new album. Granted there's plenty of good work to be done, but I'd surely say we are off to an exciting start, and I couldn't be happier... did I mention that I was happy?

Down 72 pounds, getting ready to have a baby with my beautiful wife, doing what I love for a living, and getting to wake up when I want. I'd certainly say that 2017 has been my year! I know that God is blessing me for following his plan and will for my life, but I didn't realize how amazing my heart would feel. There aren't many things that cause bliss like this, but being exactly where God wants you to be is one of them.

Another example of God's provision is the fact that it's October and we are booked everyday except one Sunday in December. That's right churches... if you haven't already, give us a call to reserve a spot on December 3rd! We have plenty of Christmas hymns we could do at your church, and if you like us, we probably could start a relationship together!

All of this good news, I can't wait to see what God has in store for us next month... did I mention I am very happy?

Everyone, thanks for your continued love and support, and we hope to see you soon! Enjoy this beautiful Fall weather!

In Christ,

Jermaine Bollinger

PS - **NEW MUSIC VIDEO ALERT** I didn't want to mention my least favorite music video in this blog CHEESE... (joking) without mentioning my most favorite music video and one we just released! 'I Look To You' is our fourth and final single from my new album, Is Anybody Listening?, and is one of my favorite tracks on the album, and probably one of my favorite music videos to date! Click the link below to check it out!

'I Look To You' - Official Music Video:

Enjoy and God bless!

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