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Month of July

So many things have happened since we last spoke. A lot of good things and some unfortunate things. I am excited to say that we have all the faith in the world regarding God's plan for us. It's clear that there are some rumors going around about me. Yes, I am still leaving, no I did not get fired, and no I'm not moving to Nashville necessarily. We are honestly not sure where we are going at this point. Since we last spoke, two people that contacted me from labels in regards to contract deals. The Atlanta based label Big Entertainment did not work out, and the Oklahoma City based label Tate Music Group also did not work out. Without going into any details the contracts were unfavorable to say the least. So, what does that mean for the nationwide distribution of my song 'You Are More' on the Worship Mix 2016 album? I am under the impression that since I signed two separate contracts and terminated only one of them, my song is still on that album which has artwork on Best Buy as of recently. The pre-order price has continually dropped from nine dollars to six dollars. I'm not exactly sure what that means but I would be surprised if my song wasn't on there since I signed a contract. The album will release on July 12. I am currently in the studio working on a new album for my next label. It is some of my best writing ever, and I hope I can do these words justice with the music that I create. The album title is The Great Unknown, and it is about my current situation: following God's will, being in states of discomfort based off of the journey that you are on, and trusting God and situations you don't understand or can't see. I pray that this will be my best work ever seeing that my situation and the music so closely correlate.

I have sent out my demo and EPK to 25 labels across the country. Eight via snail mail and 15 via email. Since then, I have said no to two labels and we are faithfully waiting for the right label to wow us. We can't wait to say, 'This is the label God wanted us to be with all along!' So, at this point I still do not know what the future holds for us, but I trust God. I have faith that he will make away and reward our faithfulness in this journey. I believe that and that's all I can believe right now. He has never proved me wrong and he has always been reliable. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Next month's blog should be more clear in the direction that we are headed, since my last day at gtChurch is July 24. I hope that I can give you more answers in August. Talk to you then.

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