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Month of May ...My Girl

Hello Everyone,

Since tomorrow is my album release, I'm going to talk about that today! We are so excited and ready to play for my newest album, Greater Than >, and we've been taking a lot of time to get ready for our first gig of the year, and we couldn't be more excited about playing at your home church!

Because of the specifics of a couple of the songs on the radar for tomorrow, I recently wrote a post on Facebook concerning two of my songs. Read below:

There are a few songs that we are doing tomorrow that are very specific in their situation. I think it was Bono who said he doesn't like modern Christian music because of how artificially happy a lot of the songs are. You don't see many songs that talk about the struggles of being a Christian. Though there are some, the dominant force in Christian music is the "everything is awesome" concept, but sometimes things and situations just stink.

'Talk' deals with the unfortunate task of holding someone accountable for gossiping, specifically when that person is in a position of authority. Sometimes you have to go into a situation realizing that relationships can be affected as a result. Confrontation in general is hard and that's what the second song deals with as well.

'Serenade For a Sinner' is a very specific song in that it deals with the mechanics of being a Christian and dating. When you realize he or she is not the one for you, you have to let them know which is going to hurt them, when dragging out the relationship to its dead end will also hurt them, so you're stuck between a rock and a hard place.

These songs help show the reality and completeness of being a Christian in today's society, and I believe it's an avenue we should include more often in our current genre of CCM. These songs will be premiered live tomorrow at the release, and I wanted to give you a heads up about their meaning. See you then!

I hope you enjoyed my blog and I really hope to see you tomorrow at the release! Thanks for your support and see you tomorrow!

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