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Month of April

Things have been going great since our blog post last month. Easter services were amazing, I sent off Greater Than to be mass produced and digitally distributed, and my music video 'Greater Than', accompanying the single comes out tomorrow!

We just celebrated Easter Sunday, and what an awesome day it was! There were over 2100 people in attendance, the praise band and vocal team performed flawlessly, and the whole day was a huge success celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ! My extended player, Arise is available on iTunes and at the gtBookstore. Pick up your copy today!

About a week and a half ago, I sent off Greater Than to CD Depot Stores to be mass produced. I should be receiving the CDs this Monday! I'm so excited to share this release with you and I feel that this is some of my best work ever! The CDs will be available at the release party at Aroma's Night on Friday, May 6 at 7:00PM. They will also be available at the gtBookstore after the digital release on Tuesday, May 10. Please come out to Aroma's Night on May 6 to support this ministry!

In just over two weeks we have submitted the music video to my consultant, James at Ditto Music and are excited that it will be released tomorrow, April 1! You can check it out it YouTube tomorrow and on iTunes as soon as possible!

As always, thanks for your support in this ministry and please come out to my shows this summer! We love you and we hope to see you at a gig!

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