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Month of October


Things have calmed down as of recently with music for a maker being over. Music for our maker was an amazing success. It was probably one of the best concerts that I feel that I have ever put on. Again, thanks to everyone who helped out! And a big thanks to everyone who came. We had around 2000 in attendance! You've got so many new music videos available to choose from in the iTunes Store. 'Higher Place' is available, 'Forgotten' will be available any day now, 'Amazing' is available and so is the single and debut album for the praise team, For the City. 'The Mirror' will also be available soon. Don't forget about 'Cheese' and 'Lift Me Up'. They are also available in the iTunes Store. Last week we started on the Christmas album. Kyle will be playing with us this time around, and with the season fast approaching it seems like we will be done in a pretty short amount of time! I'll keep you updated on when the release is. Fun cover Fridays have been going great! This is so exciting to do and I'm so glad I thought of the idea. Keep checking Facebook for the newest edition! Big news! I am officially done with the greatest hits album. I finished it last night, and I am super excited to promote this album. Physical release and digital release is October 20. Instant gratification track releases on October 5. Mark your calendar because you do not want to miss out on grabbing a CD. Supplies are limited. The album includes 30 of my best songs re-recorded or remastered completely. It will be available on iTunes as a single disc set, and available physically as two separate discs. I will be putting a new single on SoundCloud for everyone to listen to. Keep an eye out for the new single! Things have changed for the Journey cover band. I'm having second thoughts about it. As always, I will keep you posted about everything I have going on. As always, I appreciate and love you all. This is my heart, this is my passion, and he is our Lord.

In Christ, Jermaine Bollinger

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