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Month of June

June has been an outstanding month thus far. We are currently filming three music videos, we added a new member to our band today, we’ve decided to do a new album after the greatest hits album, and the greatest hits album is coming along great!

John Cook has recently decided to join us on guitar. He is friends with Kyle, our current guitarist and is replacing Josh Morrison for live shows. Though it is sad to see Josh depart from doing live shows with us, we are excited to start a new journey with John. The good news is Josh will still be a studio guitarist for us. Welcome John!

Today was a very exciting day! We shot the first group shots for my current single, ‘Higher Place’. We also had the chance to work with Rodrigo Soares again for the music video. We have another shoot scheduled for next Saturday and we are finishing off the group shots for ‘Higher Place’ with Josh Morrison, and starting the group shots for ‘Forgotten’, the hit from Machines. We get the chance to work with Josh Carrico the semi-finalist in 2014’s Guitar Center Drum-Off. We will also be starting Robert Betzer’s single from his new album, The Journey. ‘The Mirror’ features Josh Morrison and myself. The way things went today, we are so excited to continue working with Catchpenny Productions. They are very professional, and they are doing great work!

‘You Are More’ is a new single I wrote last week and it is definitely a different feel then my normal writing style. It has more of a folky sound to it. It’s also a lot cleaner like Anticipation and Miracle, genre wise. This is the first time that I’ve solely based a future album off of a single. We will be releasing the yet to be titled album sometime next year!

The greatest hits album is coming along nicely. I currently have eleven of the revamped songs completed, and am working on the last four songs. I am also remastering the more current music and that is coming along great as well. I am very excited to present this greatest hits album to you. It will release on October 20. The single, ‘Higher Place’ is currently on iTunes.

I am still in the ‘Cover Me Zedd’ competition with my remix of I want you know. Keep following the link below and sharing to help my chances. My YouTube video has over 2500 views, and I really worked hard on this remix. We hope you enjoy this version of ‘I Want You To Know’. Keep liking and watching!

Thanks for listening. Thanks for all of your support!

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