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Month of May (Temptations Lyric)

Hello Jermaniacs! I am very excited about the month of May, not only because it is a Temptations song lyric, but it is also a month that is already blooming progress from the previous month of April. First off, we played a gig at Cornerstone Christian Church in Effingham Illinois, and it was very fun to do. Our new set includes a drum off between myself and Chad Morrison, Jermaine Bollinger's current drummer, a piano solo, an acoustic set featuring Chris Wilcoxson and Kyle Grove on acoustic guitar, and detailed stories about how the songs are written, what they mean, and where they come from. This set is one of the most fun I have been a part of in any band I've been in, and I am excited to continue playing through this set over the course of the summer! 'Risen', my Easter inspired single sold extremely well on iTunes and was well received for the Easter service at GT Church. Below is the link: Machines is still doing extremely well as well, and it's easy to say that 'Forgotten' is one of the favorite tracks on the new album. I see a it lot on SoundCloud playlists, and that makes me feel very accomplished! Listen by clicking the link below:

If you enjoy Machines, there is also a version of 'Machines' released as the second single that features Christian rapper, Point5 on the track. Chik on the link below to listen:

We are putting my music videos on hold to do Robert Betzer's video for his upcoming album, The Journey, releasing July 7 on iTunes. Physical copies are also available. 'The Mirror' is one of my favorite tracks on Robert's new album, not only because Josh Morrison and I are featured on it, but the lyric content is very personal and real in my life. It speaks of disgust with the standard of living in sin, and the person choosing to act in faith and rise out of temptation to become a better person in the sight of God, and more Christ-like as a result. Robert will be shooting his portion any day now and my band will come in and shoot in early June. If you'd like to listen to more of Robert Betzer's music, click on the link below: My interface is running like clockwork and the productive month starts with the first disc of my greatest hits album being more than halfway done as a result. Things are going very smoothly production wise on the greatest hits album and I am excited to say that this is some of my greatest work to date. Listen to 'Higher Place on SoundCloud by clicking this link:

'Higher Place', the single will release May 5 on iTunes. Higher Place - The Greatest Hits Collection will release on October 20 on iTunes. Physcial copies will be available, and if we make it to 2500 likes on Facebook before October 20, I will give away 25 free physical copies to people who have liked my page. So, go like my Facebook page!

I've been back and forth on leaving the newer tracks alone versus working on mixing in mastering with the new standards that I have gained as an engineer, and I have decided to remaster disc two of the greatest hits album even though some of the songs of barely a few months old. I even plan on adding a couple of things to it in the realm of instrumentation. This is very exciting to me and I am so honored to be able to present my work to you all. I hope you enjoy the new album as much as I do. As of today the clientele that have completed works include Robert Betzer, Don Skowronski, Kristin Black, Julie Schulz, and most importantly there is only one track left to do on For the City's debut album and it will be done within the month! Speaking of the praise band, For the City's single, 'Amazing' and the music video counterpart are all available on iTunes for download. Daniel Petts was the videographer and director for the music video and he did an outstanding job. We plan on releasing the full album in the late summer, early fall. Follow the link below to watch and listen:

Exciting news! I also plan to feature For the City on the Greatest Hits album playing 'Hallelujah'! I am very excited and honored to have such talented musicians play with me on my greatest hits album! I am also privileged to get to play with them every Sunday!

We have many gig openings this summer. If you are youth pastor or worship leader and you are looking for a band to come play for your event, please give us a call. You can find out information on the contact page by clicking on the contact tab above. Also, if you're looking to record a single, voiceover, or an album, Salvation Studios is now booking clients at this time. You will also be able to find the contact information for Salvation Studios by clicking on the contact tab. Speaking of Salvation Studios, before I head out I'd like to recognize that the website for Salvation Studios is up and running. You can check us out there as well at Thanks for your support! Thanks for listening! Thanks for loving!

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