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Month of April (Happy Easter)

What's Up Jermaniacs? The month of April is set to be a pretty exciting month. Our first gig of the season will be on April 25th at Cornerstone Church in Effingham, Illinois at 1:30PM. I'm getting ahead of myself though. To start off the month, on Easter Sunday, April 5th, I will be releasing my Easter inspired single titled 'Risen'. It is paired with one of my favorite hymns, 'Christ the Lord is Risen Today,' originally by Charles Wesley. It will release digitally only on iTunes. Just go to the iTunes Store and search Jermaine Bollinger in the search bar, or follow this link starting April 5th: My electronic album, Machines has been selling very well. It released on March 10, and one of the album favorites is 'Forgotten'. The single Machines, featuring Point5 is also selling very well. That is the third project Point5 and I have done together and it also released on March 10. We plan to do a music video sometime in June, featuring 'Forgotten' and its lyric content dealing with abandonment. We also plan to do another music video in June. These videos will contrast each other greatly, but I really wanted to do a music video for 'Higher Place', and I know that people are excited to see that video. Ditto Music is a great company to work with for music videos. I've actually gotten to work with the distribution center in Nashville, Tennessee and James Thompson handles all of my music videos as a go-between between me and iTunes. And if we are doing shout outs I cannot wait to work with Bob Wilcott and Catchpenny Productions, as they have been in the industry for 30 years now making awesome videos, music videos, documentaries, and commercials. If you've been on my Facebook page, you've obviously realized that my interface is back from Louisiana, and is working. PreSonus got a pretty harsh review from me on Amazon because the customer service isn't that great, but when I finally got a hold of someone, things turned out a lot better, and the Fire Studio Project began working immediately. So, I've been recording the greatest hits album, and I've been working on a couple of clients albums and singles. I am so excited to say Salvation Studios is officially back in business! Some of the singles and albums that will be coming out after April include the single, Higher Place from the greatest hits album. It will debut on May 5, 2015. If you click on the Tour tab, and go to the item and picture of Higher Place, you should be able to click on the SoundCloud link and it will take you to the song itself. Or click this link below: On a side note, we've got a couple of albums from clients that are getting ready to be completed. Robert Betzer's debut album will release July 7 and is titled The Journey. Don Skowronski's single featuring Kristin Black titled The Story is yet to be released but is nearing completion. For the City's debut project, gtChurch's praise band's new album, Amazing is also very close to completion but does not have a release date set. The single for this album is on iTunes. The music video, 'Amazing', will be on iTunes in a matter of days as well. Another shout out to Ditto Music for making that happen. If you are a youth pastor or leader, and you are looking for a band to come play for your event, please give us a call. You can find our information on the contact page by clicking on the contact tab above. Also, if you're looking to record a single, voiceover, or an album, Salvation Studios is now booking clients at this time. You will also be able to find the contact information for Salvation Studios, by clicking the contact tab. Thanks for your support! Thanks for listening! Thanks for loving!

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