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Month of November

We are still very busy with all of the new albums that are coming out! Heartless will release on Saturday, November 1! Merry Christmas, Vol. III will release on Tuesday, November 4. And we are also gearing up for the release of For the City's debut album, Amazing. This album will release in January of 2015. Machines - EP, Jermaine Bollinger's extension of Renegade is set to release March 10, 2015. The greatest hits single and album, Higher Place will release in the summer and fall of 2015.

Don't forget, The Human Side of Me and Renegade are still available on iTunes and very new albums, just released a little less than two months ago. Get your copy today!

Also, don't forget! With the holiday season coming up, Jermaine, Josh, and Shadi have been so privileged to do 4 Christmas albums over the past 4 years. Check out the Merry Christmas series on iTunes! Here is the link:

You can also check out my new music videos on iTunes by clicking on the link above. 'Lift Me Up' (feat. Point5) and the 'Cheese' music videos are now available for purchase on my iTunes page. Thanks for listening and happy holidays!

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