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Month of June

Hello Everyone!

Some amazing things are happening and have happened for the month of June and we are only 3 days in! Yesterday, we did some awesome photos for the new albums. Dan, Rodrigo, and Kyle came to the photo shoot that we had with photographer Tina Stephens. Those pictures will be up shortly! We got some awesome shots! We also had the video shoot for 'Lift Me Up' featuring Point 5 at GT. We got to see some hidden parts of the church that was unknown to me before. Ces White from Intelligent Dexine did an amazing job with the video and i cannot wait to see the finished product! We have some gigs coming up this month, so check out the tour page!

We have also been working on our thank you song for the fans! It is a cover song by the group Shane & Shane called 'Burn Us Up', and we are so excited to give it to our fans for free. This is to say thank you for 700 likes on Facebook! You guys are so amazing because as of today, we are about halfway to 800 likes! Thank you so much for your support!

We are working hard on the new singles and albums. Just a quick update: 'Love' has been out since April 8, 'No Other Name' will come out on July 1, 'All' will come out July 15, and 'Lift Me Up' feat. Point 5 will come out on August 5.

The Human Side of Me and Renegade will release on September 9.

A couple of related pieces of info, June 1 marked the one-year anniversary of an album I co-wrote and produced called Time by Chris Shelton. Congratulations Chris!

Shadi is still working on the funk album. He plans to do some instrumental tracks that will be on the album, but other than that, things are drawing to a close for the funk album. That is expected to release later this year.

GT's praise band will be working on their original album and have already started writing for it. It will release in January of 2015.

We are pushing to do the final Christmas album for this Christmas. That will total four for the series. We plan to release it sometime this November.

As always, tanks for your continued support and I will talk with you all in July!

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