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Month of August (BIG NEWS)

Things have been going well since our last blog. I have a lot going on at the church that I've been focusing on, but I've still been working on the greatest hits album as well.

We have finished shooting 'Higher Place' and we are almost finished shooting with 'Forgotten' and 'The Mirror'. Hopefully, the next time I blog I will be finished with all of the music videos for the summer.

Robert Betzer's album The Journey is selling very well. Congratulations to him and his success! Make sure to pick up your copy of the new album. It is a great Christian rock album.

We are still working on For the City's new album, Amazing. We hope to have it done by the end of August. The single, 'Amazing' has been out for a little less than a year now. We hope you enjoy this album! We have been working very hard on it.

We have decided to add a fourth volume of the Christmas album to the roster. It will be the fourth volume but the fifth Christmas album total. It will be several remakes, and several songs we will do the Christmas Eve service at gtChurch.

So, my last blog might have been a little ambiguous, but there are some things that are changing. I have been praying and thinking about this for a while now, and the band is most likely going to change up what we do for live shows.

Because of little to no response from putting ourselves out there, and trying to get gigs at area churches, and youth events, we have decided to go a different direction with our live shows. I will still continue to make and release albums and write Christian music, but we have decided for our live shows, to become a Journey and 80s rock cover band.

Things have already seemed promising as of late. So many things are falling into place already for us, and we plan to be a powerful witness for Christ in these secular locations.

Thank you for understanding and as we go through this journey, no pun intended, we hope you are along for the ride!

As always, this is my heart, this is my passion, and he is our Lord.

We love you!

In Christ, Jermaine Bollinger

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