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Carbondale, Illinois, United States

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Jermaine Bollinger is a full-time musician and songwriter. Aside from owning his own studio (Salvation Studios), in his spare time, Jermaine and his band work hard to create passionate, theologically sound music to spread the message of God to the masses.  


Check out our latest full-length album, RUNAWAY available now. This album features the smash hit 'Set Us Free' which will debuted at #1 in February 2021 on the Christian Radio Chart

Jermaine is also an accomplished worship leader, drumline instructor, vocalist, beatboxer, recording engineer, drummer, guitarist, pianist, bassist, and enjoys listening to and playing all types of music. Click the play button on the SoundCloud link to play the preview for Bollinger's featured song from his latest album, RUNAWAY. Play the YouTube videos below to see our music and lyric videos from the hit single, 'Runaway', starring nationally known actress, Emma Peper! You can also purchase RUNAWAY on this page by clicking on the 'Get Album' link on the top left of the album artwork!

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