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Ascending in 2017

We have been on a steady ascent starting out at the beginning of the year. We have been playing more gigs than ever before and we have been asked to participate in some pretty awesome events!

Extreme Tour:

We are very excited to be a semi-finalist for the Extreme Tour; a multi-city national and international tour that includes extreme sports and music. I was contacted by them in 2014 and was working full-time at gtChurch, but this year, it will be something I can do if selected. I already feel honored to be selected in the preliminary rounds, but now things are starting to get more serious! I will keep you updated as to what happens! Please be in prayer!

New Management:

I have been in contact with a colleague from several years back that manages a dove-nominated artist in Nashville, TN. We have been trying to figure out my next direction and so far, I have been able to answer some questions, send my demo, and now I’m being shopped around to publishers, labels, and more to see what can be drummed up in regards to that! Please be in prayer for direction and alignment!


With all of the time playing at First Church of God in Springfield, IL, SIU Arena in Carbondale, IL, PVCYM Youth Center in Clinton IN, and more, we have has a steady stream of gigs since November. I can’t think of a time where we’ve have gotten so many opportunities to play out! Please be in prayer that the provision and guidance continues!

Album Release:

We have set release dates for my new single and music video for, ‘You’re Everything’ and my new album, Is Anybody Listening? The release dates are set for June 9th and July 7th, respectively. Please mark your calendars, be in prayer, and plan on marvelous things happening with this album as we serve a marvelous God!

As always, thank you for your prayers, love, and encouragement through this journey!

In Christ,


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