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The Lone Ranger

Hello Fans,

This month's blog is an excerpt from a Facebook post on October 28th. I titled it: The Lone Ranger. It is extremely transparent and vulnerable, and I was in a place of defeat when writing this, but it heartily exemplifies my demeanor at that specific point and time...

This all started as a dream, an idea planted in my head... inception, right? When I was 8 years old, I wrote my first song. Right then, I knew I wanted to be a musician when I grew up.

As I entered my teenage years, I put my ideas and creativity on the back burner and participated in other groups. Though they were extremely fun, there was still a hole in my life.

When I entered my 20s, I did the same thing. Participated in extremely talented groups, while leaving my ideas behind.

I spent the latter part of my 20s as a worship pastor. I knew it was what God wanted me to do, and I grew so much.

After my time as a worship pastor, I knew what was next... my destiny. I was finally able to dedicate my years to something that I knew I was born to do....

And here we go:

Said no to Big Entertainment, Atlanta, GA -

Didn't seem legit... God was all over that...

Said no to Tate Music Group Oklahoma City, OK -

We didn't have the money to pay for so much that I was already doing on my own.

Got in touch with Syntax Creative...

Hooked up with CLG Media in Nashville, TN and eventually got a distribution deal.

Though they do a great job, I had hope of the full treatment of a major label deal, which they were clear from the beginning... marketing, promotions, and bookings are limited to none.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate every single blessing including the awesome distribution deal. Yet, right now I feel stuck.

As soon as we moved back to Southern Illinois, I got a call from one of the many labels I sent EPKs to, almost five months later. I was so excited. Lamon Records giving me a callback! It took four weeks but today, I got a contract from them... an Artist Development contract.

Mallory and I were still holding on, praying and hoping, but unfortunately you could buy a brand new Dodge Ram with the prices they were wanting me to pay to do things including... record an album, make a music video, or market your social media pages.

So, if you are into what I do to any extent, you should realize that I'm currently doing all of those things, and the quality is pretty spot on, not to sound boastful.

So, here we are back to square one... again. I'm writing an album that I hope people will want to pay for and hear. I'm dreading doing album releases that no one shows up to, after basically using everything I learned in my marketing classes at SIU Carbondale. Praying and praying for people to show up... for God's message to be heard (this has happened more than once... maybe four times... in Carbondale and Decatur) To see all of my closest friends there (which is great), but no one else? That stuff really hurts.

So today... almost over. 2016... almost over. It may go down as one of the not so greatest years of my life.

I don't mean to sound so down (I'm really not) I'm a little defeated though. I could use a prayer or two if you're thinking about me.

During this transition, my prayer has always been: Lord, if you don't have a destination for us, if you could provide for us in interim, I'd appreciate it. He always does.

So, thanks for listening to this sort of update. Have a great night and God bless.

- Jermaine

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