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Month of August

Hello Internet World,

I would like to start off by saying I wish that I had more information for everyone, especially myself, about where we're headed, but for right now it's pretty much the same is where I last left off. I've been praying to God for two things: a destination, and to watch over us in the meantime. Provided that it's not time for us to have a destination yet, I know that God will provide and praying that prayer helps me remember that. The majority of CCM labels in the United States are in Nashville, TN, so foresight tells me that this is where we are headed, but we're not absolutely sure this is where God wants us. Most of you already know, I recently received some exciting news just after my last Sunday at gtChurch. I was asked to open the Christian Stage at Decatur Celebration on Friday night, August 5th at 5 and 7PM. God always provides in our situations and I know that he was all over this one. We have several more gigs lined up in the month of August and a few in September. We've been consistently praying for God to show us a destination, so we can get started on our new journey. Please join us in prayer as we continue to ask God for a destination and if we are waiting, continued prayer for resources which he has proved faithful in, time and time again. Some exciting news, we finished tracking for the new album and we are working on mixing and mastering it before the release on September 9th. We are currently looking for a venue to host the release, so if you believe you know a place that would be willing to have us, please shoot me an email: We really feel like this is the best album we've ever done, and we are so excited to present it to you. I've submitted some new T-shirt designs that we hope to have within the next couple of months at our shows in September/October. Be sure and check those out at our latest gigs! Fun Cover Friday's have been going amazingly well, and we've got some fantastic new covers coming up so be sure and check those out on my Facebook music page: As always, thanks for your continued support and love. Please continue to lift us up in prayer as we take this journey to the next chapter of our lives!


Jermaine Bollinger

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