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Month of July

Hey everyone! I am on a missions trip right now in Point Aux Chenes, Louisiana. This month's blog will be a little lighter, but I do have some very important things to talk about! As soon as I get back home, I will be viewing the final version of 'Higher Place'. Bob and Brenda at Catchpenny Productions have been working diligently to make this video awesome! At this point, I've seen the rough drafts, and it is looking great! Robert Betzer's debut album, The Journey is releasing in six days. We are so excited to share this album with you. It features nine originals and one cover of 'Worthy is the Lamb'. Go to iTunes on July 7 and download your copy today! We are also finishing off two more music videos. 'The Mirror' is on Robert's debut album, and features myself and Josh Morrison. 'Forgotten' is from my March 2015 release of Machines. Those should be finished soon too. We can't wait for our fans to see our new videos! 2015 has been a different sort of year. We have been doing a lot more recording and media related ventures. Because of some circumstances, things are changing for Jermaine Bollinger. We have so many opportunities and situations that have come up this year that we didn't necessarily expect, but are trying to adapt as quickly as possible. We will keep you updated and let you know the latest changes next month. We love that you enjoy us, that you love us, and that you pray for us. This ministry isn't simply about playing music for people, it's not about entertaining anyone, but it's all about worshiping our King and Creator. In my experience I've realized that we can't always rely on each other, but we can always rely on God. Thank you for your love, support, and for listening. This is my heart, this is my passion, and he is our Lord. Thanks again! We hope to see you soon! In Christ,

Jermaine Bollinger

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