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Month of January (Year in Review/Looking Ahead)

Things have been really streamline this month. We finished the praise band album, and we have finished the my new personal album, Machines. 'Amazing', the new single off of the praise band album is now a single on iTunes as of December 30. Congratulations to all the members of For the City (GT's Praise Band and Vocal Team) for their debut studio album! On deck for Jermaine Bollinger is 'Talk', The new single from his much-anticipated album, Machines. The single will release February 10, and the album will release on March 10, 2015. There will also be an instant gratification track available. 'Pieces' will be available starting February 17. If that isn't exciting enough, Machines also features a four-movement suite to introduce the album! Set to release on May 5 is Jermaine Bollinger's exciting take on Journey's 2001 version of 'Higher Place'. It will released as a single on May 5. It will also be a part of Bollinger's greatest hits album also titled Higher Place - The Greatest Hits Collection. On tap for the summer and early fall are tours ranging from Decatur down to Carbondale. We are excited to announce that we will be having a homecoming concert at Jermaine's former church, The View Church. Dates are tentative at this point, but please be sure to check out any updates in the future. We'll wrap up the summer and fall tours before taking a break over winter by releasing the greatest hits collection on October 20, 2015. This collection features 30 of Jermaine's most famous songs. Ranging from 'Black Hole' to 'Higher Place', this album is sure to please every generation of Jermaine Bollinger fan! The most exciting part about the first album is that we will be re-recording every track chronologically starting with 'Black Hole' and ending with 'Hallelujah'. Disc two will be a collection of tracks ranging from 'I Found Jesus (Willie Bollinger's Tribute)' to Higher Place'. That pretty much wraps up 2015. Hopefully you can make it out to one of our events! We have had a great year, and we are looking forward to more! Have a happy new year!

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