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Month of July

Hello Everyone!

The month of July is shaping up to be an amazing month! Plenty of gigs lined up, so check out the tour page for more info on that. Today, the newest single 'No Other Name' released on iTunes, and a lot of fans have already heard and enjoyed it! The next single that will release is 'All'. This is the opening track from The Human Side of Me, and features Josh Morrison on lead guitar. Be sure to check that one out.

The album artwork is coming to a close for the Dual-Disc production. In the next week, we will be calling our vendors to stock up on new T-shirts, banners, bracelets, and will be sending off the artwork to be finalized and mass produced. We are almost there!

Shadi's album is almost done as well, and if we work this right, we will be starting on our final Christmas album shortly. I am happy with the progress on everything thus far, and we are also planning a church praise band album that will release in January. We are working on several songs as of the past month and will be doing all originals for the album.

I'm sorry to say we probably will not be selling vinyl at the release, but I am looking to have a couple of vinyl pressings done for personal listening!

The music video for 'Lift Me Up' was a success and all of the photo artwork was really amazing as well. Thanks for all of your support and keep an eye out for new releases, free downloads, and the new albums!

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