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Hello everyone!

Let me start off by saying Aroma's night is tonight at 6:00PM. Even if you have something else going on, something very, very important, CANCEL IT! You don't want to miss this night of music, testimonies, and food. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 can wait! Just kidding, but you should seriously come on out to GT Church tonight at 6PM. You will have a lot of fun! I promise!

We are officially in post-production on the new albums. The only recording that is left to do is the solo for the single, 'No Other Name', expected to release in June. All of the tracking for The Human Side of Me and Renegade are completely done! I know these albums are easily my best work I've ever done, and I'm not ashamed and don't feel like I'm boasting when I say that. These albums are incredible! I cannot wait to share them with you!

We have changed our minds about the GT Praise Band album. This is actually really exciting. We have decided to write original songs for the album. We had planned on doing covers before, but we've decided not to. We have so many talented writers and composers in the praise band, why do a bunch of covers?! This is an exciting day for GT and the praise band. We've already started writing our first song! This album will release early next year.

Shadi Frick's new soul abum is almost finised. He only has one song left to do then he plans to release it sometime this year. We have a lot of ballads so he wanted to finish off the album with an uptempo song that he is currently composing. This album is down to the wire as well.

Again, if you aren't doing anything tonight (even if you are LOL) please come on out to Aroma's. You will have a great time! If you haven't heard my music yet, below is a link to iTunes so you can download songs and brush up on them before tonight. I expect you to know all of them. Just kidding.

Thanks for your support!

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