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April Blog

Hello everyone!

Here is my first official blog on the new! So many exciting things are happing and will happen in the next few days and months ahead.

On March 29, Josh finished his parts for the album, and did a photo shoot with Photographer Tina Stephens for his thank you page on the new albums.

Dan finished his parts for the album last night, April 1, and will be taking his pictures with the rest of us and the featured artist Terrance Aye, along with a music video for the single, 'Lift Me Up' in early June.

Shadi is currently finishing up both the funk album and The Human SIde of Me | Renegade. The funk album is expected to release sometime this year. He, unfortunately won't be able to do the music video or the photo shoot.

My new single, 'Love' will release on iTunes, April 8, 2014. the band has been working really hard on this single, as well as working on the new albums set to release in September.

If you want to see some of Josh's photos, they are on my facebook page. Here is the link:

And while you're there, like it!

Thanks for all of your support and check out my new single. Here is the link:

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