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Second-Hand CarTunes, a collection of Carbondale talent, SIU alums, and some of the most passionate and hard-working musicians Southern Illinois has to offer. SHCT does a wide variety of Top 40 favorites featuring covers of some of the most famous artists over the last 70 years including: JOURNEY, MICHAEL JACKSON, PRINCE, SURVIVOR, THE ISLEY BROTHERS, BOBBY CALDWELL, BILL WITHERS, STEVIE WONDER, SANTANA, THE EAGLES, LENNY KRAVITZ, and more... Grab a friend and join us for great drinks, music, and atmosphere at our next event!


SHCT's debut EP features compositions and lyrics by Jermaine and Mallory Bollinger as well as compositions by Shadi Frick. This six-track extended player is sheer groove from start to finish, and will have you putting this project on repeat. Enjoy the compositions of Shadi Frick and Jermaine Bollinger, the sweeping guitar sounds of Josh Morrison, the enveloping wind solos featuring Shadi Frick and Chris Rigdon, as well as the piercing lyrical content and soul stirring vocals of Jermaine Bollinger. 

Second-Hand CarTunes - EP

  • Mastered at Salvation Studios

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