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Let's face it... The holidays are very hard for some people. Losing a loved one, a friend, or a family member can be hard enough. For some, when the season of joy and hope rolls around, their lonely hearts long for that special someone to return. Since the loved one has moved on, the individual is left hopeless and alone. 


We hope this song can help you feel comfort and peace as you remember that special someone you're missing during this holiday season, and we can only pray that your souls will meet again one day soon.


I Can't Let Go:

A Salvation Studios Production


Jermaine Bollinger:

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer, Drum Set, Electronic Drums & Percussion


Josh Morrison:

Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar


Mallory Bollinger:

Alto Backing Vocals


Shadi Frick:

Bass Guitar


Aaron Wright: 

Album Artwork & Photography


Lyric Video Editing & Production:

Jermaine Bollinger of Salvation Studios

I Can't Let Go - Single

  • Zipped folder comes with two compressed WAV files of the original full-length recording, and the radio edited, shorter single version. 

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